The Mesolithic site at Ostrovul Banului was investigated by Vasile Boroneant in 1966, prior to the building of the Iron Gates I hydroelectric dam. 227 items made of hard animal materials (in various stages of manufacturing) were the subject of the present research. Four categories of raw materials were identified: deer antler, long bone diaphyses, teeth (mammals and fish) and gastropod shells. All raw materials could have been obtained locally, suggesting their direct acquisition and processing by the Mesolithic community. The typological range is limited, but comprises well-defined tool series. The most representative were antler chisels, bone points and tusk side-scrapers. While the projectile points are indicative of hunting activities, the other items suggest domestic uses (cutting and shaving wood, perforating and cleaning hides, etc.). An important observation concerns raw material differentiation of the blanks: volume blanks for antler, and flat blanks in the case of bone and tooth. Analysis of the hard animal materials from Ostrovul Banului indicates a community that was highly specialized both economically and technologically. The inventory fits the general pattern of Mesolithic assemblages from the Iron Gates.