– Monica Mărgărit – project leader;
– Adrian Bălăşescu – senior researcher – archeozoologist, specialization mammals;
– Valentin Radu – senior researcher – archeoichtiologist and malacologist, specialization mollusks and fish;
– Mircea Anghelinu – senior researcher – archeological background for the hunter-gatherers from the Romanian territory:
– Loredana Niță – post-doctoral researcher – subsistence activities (hunting, food processing) reflected by the study
of the lithic industries;
– Adina Boroneanț – post-doctoral researcher – archeological background for the first farmers in the Romanian territory;
– Mariana Prociuc – doctoral student – study of the animal bone materials (Mammalian class);
– Ionuţ Torcică – doctoral student – he will investigate the hunting strategies at the archaeological level;
– Camelia – Mirela Vintilă – doctoral student – strategies of animal exploitation for food reflected at the archaeological