Recreating osseous artefacts and their uses in the activities of the prehistoric communities at the Lower Danube: experimentation design and its applications in archaeology

Brief presentation of the results

In this project, the members of the research team created replicas of prehistoric artefacts made of osseous materials (bone, antler, ...
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Results – phase III (2022)

Abstract: This phase aimed at validating the results accumulated through the study of archaeological collections, experimental workshops and the comparison ...
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Results – phase II (2021)

Abstract. The second phase of the project involved the transition to the practical stage, respectively to the implementation of the ...
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Results – phase I (2020)

Abstract. This phase aimed at testing and implementing the specific methodology of investigation at experimental and archaeological level. Two analysis ...
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Recreating artefacts and ancient skills: from experiment to interpretation (Eds. Monica Mărgărit and Adina Boroneanț), Cetatea de Scaun, 2022

This volume focuses on the role and means of archaeological experimentation in understanding the processes involved in the design, manufacture ...
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